Who are we?

Hi! My name is Austin Kratz. I've always been strongly drawn to the mountains and outdoors. Through my time working a few different engineering jobs, I felt a real disconnect from exploring nature and spending time outdoors and in the woods. I built a cabin on my truck as a release from the rigid structure I felt I was stuck in, and as a form of artistic expression that allowed me to physically reconnect with the world, and camp in a cozy cabin anywhere I wanted. The result was something more beautiful, natural, and cozy than I anticipated and captured something that was clear I couldn't let go. I knew I had to find a way to allow others to experience this feeling, and thus began my pursuit of building tiny cabins, and Wildbound Cabin Co. was born! 


The vision for Wildbound Cabin Co. is simple. I have felt disconnected from the world and especially nature and desired an avenue to strip down and reconnect. Wildbound Cabin Co. aims to enable people to live a more sustainable lifestyle in which they feel they can escape the stress and busyness of life, and experience the simplicity and stripped down experience of exploring in a tiny cabin. No matter where you end up, at the end of the day, you can shut the door behind you and be right back in your very own cozy cabin and there is not much that compares to it. One of the best parts of a Wildbound Cabin is the ability to customize it to be exactly what you want. Add a shelf, hang a picture on the wall, experience the atmosphere of a cabin right in the bed of your truck, van, or trailer! I can't wait to talk to you about your vision for your very own Wildbound Cabin! Bound for Adventure, Bound for the Wild.

Austin Kratz - Owner, Founder