Built with the highest quality wood materials, Wildbound Cabins allow for infinite customization, and personalization.

CabinCap Truck Bed Cabins 

A Tiny Cabin, Right on the Bed of Your Truck 

The Original Soul of Wildbound Cabin Company, the "Cabin Cap" transforms your truck bed into a cozy cabin. Built like a cabin with the utility of a truck cap, there's nothing quite like settling into a cabin at night and completely forgetting that you are right in the bed of your own truck. Because of the long lasting wood construction, the Cabin Cap allows for infinite customization, and only gets better with age. Fill out the contact form to start talking about your Cabin Cap build! 

Pull-Behind  Cabins

A Tiny Cabin You Can Pull and Set Up Anywhere

Like the Cabin Cap, the Pull-Behind cabins are designed to combine the personality and soul of a cabin with the mobility and ease of setup that makes exploring so enjoyable. These cabins are small on the outside and big on the inside. They are built on small trailers which allows most midsize cars and SUV's to pull it without a problem. Again, like the Cabin Cap, the long lasting wood construction allows for infinite customization, and just gets better with time. Fill out the contact form to start talking about your Pull-Behind Cabin build! 

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Custom Van Builds

A Tiny Cabin Right in the Back of your Van or SUV

Wildbound Cabin Company also provides options for complete van builds. We integrate a rustic feel into the build so that you can feel the full experience of a tiny cabin right in the back of your cargo van! I am excited to talk to you about your vision for your very own van build! We can do simple builds to a fairly complete build with insulated walls, electricity, counters and cabinets and bed. Fill out the contact form to start talking about building your dream van!